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My brothere's site. Has a cool HTML tutorial where I learnt most of my skills to make this site. Also has a very funny guide to hockey o-)

Home of Terragen, the program I used to make most of the images in my gallery. It's an amazing program, and it's also FREE for non-commercial use (i.e. don't try and sell your Tg pictures o-). - Delphi Programming
All you ever need to know about Delphi (or a link to somewhere that knows). Also has a great message board where you can ask for help.

The monthly Terragen contest, run by Tim O'Donoghue. Vote for your favourite images, or enter your own. Alternatively, go for inspiration for your next masterpiece!

Crack's Smilies
All the little smiley faces (and more) you could ever need! Message Boards
If you like Total Annihilation, go here. The message boards are by far the most popular area of the site. Most members have been members for a long time.

TA Universe Message Boards
More TA-related message boards. This one has less members, but more newbies.

frame 37 Photo Gallery
Some incredible landscape photographs, including the most amazing skies you have ever seen!

Terragen Group
E-mail group for Terragen users. Any questions about Tg, just ask away!

The Terragen information and resource site from Rainer Dückerhoff. Has a list of every Terragen gallery ever made (probably).

A comprehensive collection of funny quotes, proverbs and so on to put in your e-mail signatures.

Military Analysis Network
Lots of excellent pictures of military hardware in action. I'll be putting some of the best military hardware images from around the web up on my page pretty soon.