Delphi Programs

Useful utilities written in Delphi

This is a collection of small programs I've written using Borland Delphi 4. They were made because I found a need for them, and couldn't be bothered trawling the net - simple as that. Another reason I wrote them myslef is for the satifaction of having solved a problem, which is the main reason I enjoy programming.

Source code for these programs is available if you want, just e-mail me with your requests. There's no copyright or anything on these programs, and you're free to do whatever you want to them, if that's what you want.

Terrain Browser (309K) Terrain Browser is a program for displaying a list of Terragen terrains in thumbnail form. It includes terrain info and terrain preview windows. The preview window has options for adjusting the water level, displaying a 3D relief effect, and drawing water level changes in real time.
The browser also includes the option to delete a selected terrain.

The program is not quite finished yet, as I hope to add features like saving the water level for each terrain, better integration with Terragen, and many other minor fixes.

Terrify (163K) This is basically a Windows version of Bmp2Ter, a program for converting BMP files to Terragen terrains. Drag files from Explorer onto the program icon or the application window, then click Convert. Easy.

Slope Analyser (177K) Slope Analyser is a program that displays pixel brightnesses along a line, diplaying the data in graph form. It is designed to be an easier way to visualise Terragen height data.

Font Installer (177K) Font Installer is a great way to install a lot of fonts. Using Windows to install fonts is not much fun - you can't see what the font looks like before you install it, and if you have a whole folder full of them, choosing the ones you want is a pain.
This program lets you open a load of .TTF files, which are added to a list and displayed in their own font. To deselct one, just uncheck the box next to it.

FontList (278K) FontList, as the name suggests, displays a list of all installed TrueType fonts on your computer. It has lots of options for changing the appearance of the list, including font/background colour, list text and font size. There's also a preview window, activated by double-clicking a font, that shows the font in meore detail. In this window, you can have text on multiple lines, and of a different style to the list.

Screen Magnifier (VCL - 191K)

Screen Magnifier (API - 39K)

Screen Magnifier displays a magnified view of the screen area under the mouse cursor. Options include variable magnification (1x - 12x), alternative update method, always-on-top and image anchoring. Anchoring lets you keep the area being magnified at a set location, independent of the cursor position.

As you can see, there are two versions available. The first one was written using Delphi's Visual Component Library, hence the larger file size. It also uses DirectX, giving a much faster update speed. The other one, however, was written just using the Windows API, and doesn't use DirectX. It is also missing a couple of options.

MicroCD (184K) MicroCD is a miniature CD player. It is designed to always be visible on the screen, and as such takes up very little real estate. It has a track list option, accessed by right-clicking one of the buttons, and a nifty track-changing LED thingy. The track list is read from Windows CD Player's track list file, cdplayer.ini, so any artist and track name info you've entered will be present here.

Quick tip: you can minimize the program to the tray by right-clicking the titlebar. I thought I'd mention it here as it's not overly obvious. Another useful tip is to look at the tooltips for each button - they show the keyboard shortcuts.

MicroMessage (215K) MicroMessage is a small network messaging program. It has many options such as automatically replying to messages, automatically popping up when a message is recieved, and playing a sound on message arrival.
As with MicroCD, it takes up very little screen space, and you can right-click the titlebar to minimise it.

RGB Colour Picker (205K) RGB Colour Picker is for picking up a colour from the screen. You can also 'mix' your own colours, by moving the sliders. The program gives colour output in hexadecimal HTML format and decimal Windows format.
The program includes options to sample 3x3 and 5x5 pixel averages, which is useful for picking up a colour from a dithered image.

Sound Browser (176K) Sound Browser is a program for listening to many small .WAV files. I wrote it because it get very tedious loading Sound Recorder each time while looking for a particular sound in a list of about 200.